A Dog Moms Christmas Wish List

Christmas is the one holiday this dog mom gets very excited about. Honestly, I love gifts BUT gifts that help my life of owning a group of dachshunds easier. Why the hell not, get excited about that?! I work very hard to keep our home Spotless along with our doggos. So I truly believe I deserve these items! (HINT* HINT* fiancé). There are a few just for the heck of it items because I love anything dachshund! Let’s be real. And some on the list that might interest you. With that being said, here is A Dog Moms Christmas Wish List.

A Dog Moms Christmas Wish List:

1. Bissell Barkbath– Okay, first off this thing looks like it would be a piece of cake when bathing my dogs. And second I JUST NEED TO TRY THIS OUT! Putting it on the list, done.

2. Bissell Symphony Pet– Yes I already have one of these, BUT I wanted to share with all the other dog moms who don’t because this steam mop is seriously a game changer when it comes to cleaning up after your pet’s hair, muddy footprints, and even unwanted accidents. I also wouldn’t mind having two (LOL)

3. Petcube– I admit I am the dog mom who leaves the house and wonders what her babies are up to. This is a must for a Christmas present this year. I hate being away and not knowing if they are okay or if they are up to no good lol.

4. Dog Seat Cover– If you are like me and love to bring your dog’s shopping or anywhere with you, but also like to keep your car seats nice this is something that might interest you!

5. Dog Fountain– I have always wanted a doggy water dispenser but they are never cute or cool looking, Now it’s time I finally found this bad boy and it won’t look ridiculous in my home. I am big on having my dog items coordinate with my home decor.

6. S’well Dachshund water bottle– Like I said I love anything Dachshund so this is a must, especially because it would make drinking water more fun! For me at least since I forget to drink water half of the time it may make me want to reach for a weenie bottle more often.

7. Dachshund/dog mom shirts- These are way too relatable to not have all of them on the list.

  • Below are some great gift ideas for any dog mom!

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