Dachshund Parents

Below you will find our playful bunch of guys and Gals.
We have a variety of colors!

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This stunning chocolate and cream dapple Primrose Rosie is such a fun carefree happy girl. She is just excited to do anything and everything! Her temperament is out of this world.

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Our Lily love bug, a cream piebald (hidden dapple) she is the most calm, sweet, caring girl Lily loves her snuggles and belly rubs!
although... her favorite is chin scratches.


Chloe is a chocolate dapple short haired. She is a ball of personality and as sweet as they come.

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Poppy is a chocolate dapple she is such a playful girl and the funny one of the group!


Peaches is a sweet-natured Dachshund with a creamy coat. She is very playful and loving.


Clementine is lively with boundless energy & lights up any room. She adores playing fetch and can always be found romping around with her favorite squeaky toys.


Being a little girl I have always had a passion for animals. Then my family got a weenie dog and I just fell in love! I couldn’t get enough of the little guys. So I worked really really hard to where I can do this full time. I am with the dogs almost 24 hours a day & couldn’t be happier.


My passion for these little guys may be more of an obsession. We strive to giving our dachshunds the best care they deserve. We love finding GREAT homes for these 4 legged friends & being able to share the dachshund love with our friends & families! 


We strive to giving the top care to our dachshunds & finding the best homes for them. We get asked a lot what we feed our dogs, and that would be (I&Love&You) yes it is a mouth full but these guys go berserk for it. We also feed them baby carrots which they love & other little treats that we prepare. 

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