Are Dachshunds Good with Kids? Child-Friendly Pup Insights

As a professional copywriting journalist, I’ve written many articles about pets and their suitability for families with children. In this article, we’ll explore the popular breed – Dachshunds, and their compatibility with kids. I will provide insights into their temperament, behavior, and the potential for bonding between Dachshunds and young

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Do dachshunds have dew claws

Do Dachshunds Have Dew Claws? A Look at Dachshund Anatomy

As a proud Dachshund owner, I’ve often wondered about the presence of dew claws in this breed. Dew claws are an interesting topic, as they serve different purposes in different dog breeds. So, do Dachshunds have dew claws? Let’s explore the anatomy of Dachshunds and find out. Key Takeaways Dew

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New Dachshund Puppy Checklist & Must Haves

It’s hard for anyone with puppies to bring home. This handy list makes sure your pet has everything he needs for his new home! Our puppies will always have the choice to remember their first days. This new puppy checklist will assist you in getting the right things done. Make

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10 reasons to own a Dachshund!

There are a heck of a lot more reasons than 10 but these ones are my favorite. 1. 99% of dachshunds are part meerkat and who doesn’t want a domesticated timon? 2. They make a great alarm system for the household, any suspicious noise and you wont hear the end

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breeding dilutes with caution:

Dilute dachshunds DO have a unique color to them,  But you shouldn’t just breed for color there is always genetic testing that should be involved….. Being cautious when breeding dilutes. – First, DNA testing can be very helpful to know if the dilute dogs you are breeding carry the genetic that causes

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Are stairs bad for dachshunds

Uncovering the Truth: Are Stairs Bad for Dachshunds?

Welcome to this article where I shed light on the long-standing question among dachshund owners – whether stairs are bad for our furry friends. As a dachshund owner myself, I understand the concern for their health and wellbeing. Through my research and personal experience, I hope to provide insights that

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