The Care Of Our Dachshund puppies – Week 1-8

Marissa Rose Dachshund’s week by week puppy care

Week 1

So, some people may assume that since the pups are merely born, its time for a break. No no no, not yet this is the time to be cautious. After Mama is done birthing and cleaning her thoroughly baked pups, it’s time for her Weenie Mid Wife to assist her pups in gaining a healthy and strong latch. I then weigh them and keep daily records for the first two weeks. If I notice a puppy isn’t properly gaining weight, I take the puppy and mama aside to let the small pup get some milky time alone without the others around to keep the petite pup from getting neglected and continue this process until I see that the puppy is the same size as the others.

Week 2

Okay now, the Weenie Mid Wife gets her break as long as all pups are a healthy weight. This is the week where the puppies open their eyes we all get excited about this part! I still make sure to weigh the pups, but as of now mama does all the cleaning and nurturing, while I get to pick each one up, stare at them for hours and claim that I’m going to keep every single one of them. We all know that is not possible considering I don’t live on a farm (SAD FACE).

Week 3

Well, this is the week that the puppies start to walk! Mama still cleans up after them, so my time off is in session until about week 4. I now start taking pictures because this is when they begin to form a personality, and their big puppy eyes are now wide open. Believe it or not, it is quite hard to capture a picture that is completely focused since they just want to view absolutely everything with their little bobble heads looking every which way but eventually after being patient I end up with a few good shots.

Week 4

Puppies are now walking, and playing with their goofy personalities all charged up. At this point the pups are testing out the hard food and mama is only cleaning up half of their messes. I have figured out a way to make clean up fairly easy; now when I say easy I am using the word lightly it can still be a pain especially with a big litter that just means more poop. I have to pick up their poop as soon as they release the tiny tootsie roll to keep them from stepping in it. Four-week-old puppies are very clumsy (LOL), so you can only imagine that I have witnessed a smeared tootsie roll a time or two that will result in bath time for that little one.

Week 5-6

Work is now in full session it is now time for me to step in and be the cleanup lady after the puppies since they are now eating their hard puppy food. The mama no longer wants to take care of those loads if you know what I mean (LOL). The weaning process is fairly easy all I do is, have mama wear baby onesies to block the milk supply. I like to do this because they still get the comfort of mama’s warm, lovable touch. I would hate to take her away completely while weaning them because the whole house wouldn’t hear the end of it, I mean…. these little guys can get loud if they want their mama. I feel like they need her in many different ways all the way up until they leave, not only with a milk supply but also to guide them in ways we don’t understand. At the beginning of the weaning process, I don’t soak the hard food in water. I just let them *crunch *crunch *crunch and they will eventually get the hang of it. By week five they are completely weaned. I use to mix goats milk or water to the food, to make it a little softer when they would first start off. I feel by doing this clean up can get crazy since they are clumsy puppies as I mentioned earlier. With their stool being more firm, when they do run into a landmine it is far less explosive.

Dachshund Puppy Pad Area

Week 7-8

At this point, they are in full play mode all day followed by long adorable naps. They have become more coordinated, and the messes aren’t nearly as bad because they are now fully trained to do their business directly onto the potty pads (reusable puppy pad) When it gets closer to week 8, I then prepare myself and the puppies for parting ways I get all of their paperwork such as health guarantees, Akc papers, and vaccine records all organized ready for their loving new owners. I always know I will see the puppies again one way or another whether it is through photo/video or some will meet up and have a little reunion, so it doesn’t make me too sad having to part with them especially since I know how happy these puppies will make other families. I love to see each and every one of them experience an entirely different exciting life. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the smile on the faces of our new puppy owners when they are here for pickup. A dachshund puppy will surely light up your life.

If you would like more information about our puppy care, please contact us (here)

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