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Why I don’t breed isabellas and blues: Know the health risks of dilutes

So, every now and then I will get people calling and asking if I have any “Blues or Isabellas” for sale and the answer is always the same… No!

Yes, while they DO have a unique color to them,  They also come with quite a few defects I then have to explain…

Why I do not produce dilute colors. – The blue color is a dilute of the black and tan; Isabella (also known as lilac in other breeds) is the dilute of the chocolate color.  Many breeders are using these dilute colors (since they are different) as an opportunity to make significant money and call them “Rare” dachshunds. The gene that causes the dilute colors can also cause an issue in some dogs called Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA) , where the hair shaft is thin and weak, meaning it can drop out of the follicle and cause baldness this will make it so that the dog won’t  have a full desirable long or short coat. Because the coat is thinner than normal, the skin can also be more susceptible to extreme dry/sensitive skin, infection and sunburn, which in turn may cause cancer.


The “Dilute” breeders frequently refute that there is actually any such condition as Colour Dilution Alopecia, claiming it is an outdated and discredited notion, and that dogs of standard colors are equally affected by alopecia (which is false). They argue that without recent research to demonstrate the link between dilution and alopecia, there is no reason to stop breeding dilutes.

Honestly though… to each their own.  Because with all of that being said, I just choose not to go the route of breeding for “cool colors” and then end up getting a call from a concerned/angry puppy buyer wondering why their pup is now losing all of its hair and now they have a dog that has Alopecia which is incurable. This is just not worth it to me we produce beautiful healthy NON dilute pups that make people very happy and thats what we will continue to do.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to read what I feel to be a concern to not only the Dachshund breed… But more importantly, the undesirable/health risk defects that come with the dilution process some feel is “cool” 


Sincerely & Passionately

Marissa Rose

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